RapidLoan, part of the Real Capital Caribe group, is a solid capital company which is available to provide financing opportunities to companies, small businesses, large and medium enterprises, as well as to any individual. Our financing only needs to be backed by an active property or business that will work as collateral.

Our business model creates a reliable way for our clients to obtain more quickly the capital they need to start up their businesses, investments, remodeling or any need they have, improving their cash flow with easily.

Loans with title guarantee


Why we are unique?

Loans up to USD$1MM with respect to the value of the property. If your property has a value of USD$100,000, the financing can be up to USD$50,000 taking your property as collateral so that you can achieve your goals more easily.

Competitive rates, from 8.5% per year, we want to be your first option and position ourselves as a perfect ally to develop your projects.

Zero bureaucratic procedures, if all documents are in order, the disbursement is made in 24hrs.

Which are the conditions?

Property title, original, no copies or duplicates, on behalf of the person or entity requesting the financing.

Appraisal of the property, a certification duly validated by the corresponding personnel that endorses the information about the property, its conditions, value and status.

Non opposition certificate>, certification of the national bureau of taxation that verifies that said property does not have other pending commitments.